ID 新闻标题 来源 日期
1 New Authentication Procedure for using Current Accounts at WIPO WIPO [2018-11-20]
2 Reminder about Change in E-mail Address for Requests for PCT Webinars by the International Bureau WIPO [2018-11-20]
3 Uganda Registration Services Bureau to act as receiving Office WIPO [2018-11-20]
4 Non-Working Days at the International Bureau and Publication Schedule at the End of this Year WIPO [2018-11-20]
5 PCT Patent Prosecution Highway (PCT PPH) Pilots WIPO [2018-11-20]
6 Future Decommissioning of Fax Transmission at the International Bureau and Transition to Using the ePCT System WIPO [2018-11-20]
7 Budapest Treaty WIPO [2018-10-19]
8 PCT-SAFE Update WIPO [2018-10-19]
9 Korean Intellectual Property Office: Further Information on Acceptance of Documents through ePCT WIPO [2018-10-19]
10 Assembly of the PCT Union WIPO [2018-10-19]
11 WIPO Pearl Update WIPO [2018-09-19]
12 Collaborative Search and Examination Update WIPO [2018-09-19]
13 USPTO Procedure for Filing Patent Applications Electronically during a Designated Significant Unplanned Electronic Business Systems Outage WIPO [2018-09-19]
14 Withdrawal of Notifications of Incompatibility of Certain PCT Articles and Rules with National Laws WIPO [2018-09-19]
15 European Patent Office: Additional Information Relating to Means of Payment of Fees WIPO [2018-06-19]
16 Advanced PCT Seminar at WIPO Headquarters WIPO [2018-06-19]
17 Electronic Filling and Processing of International Applications WIPO [2018-06-19]
18 Registration of Chinese Patents in Cambodia WIPO [2018-06-19]
19 Amendments to the PCT Regulations and Schedule of Fees annexed to the Regulations WIPO [2018-06-19]
20 40 Years of PCT Operations WIPO [2018-06-19]
21 United States Patent and Trademark Office: Not Open for Business on 2 and 21 March 2018 WIPO [2018-05-16]
22 CPCT Information Update WIPO [2018-04-19]
23 PCT Patent Prosecution Highway (PCT-PPH) Pilot Programs WIPO [2018-04-19]
24 Changes to the PCT Publication Schedule WIPO [2018-03-22]
25 Chinese Excerpts from the PCT Newsletter: New E-mail Notification System WIPO [2018-03-22]
26 Meeting of International Authorities WIPO [2018-03-22]
27 PCT Filings in 2017 WIPO [2018-03-22]
28 PATENTSCOPE search system WIPO [2018-02-22]
29 WIPO Digital Access Service for Priority Documents WIPO [2018-02-22]
30 Validation of European Patents in Cambodia WIPO [2018-02-22]

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