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1 New RSS feed in PATENTSCOPE WIPO [2022-05-20]
2 National Collection of Austria Now Available in PATENTSCOPE WIPO [2022-05-02]
3 Wildcards and fields in PATENTSCOPE WIPO [2022-04-26]
4 Milestone celebration: over 100 million patent documents in PATENTSCOPE WIPO [2022-01-12]
5 One-click Access to Patent Documents in their National Databases from PATENTSCOPE WIPO [2021-12-09]
6 Search in PATENTSCOPE and access other services using the WIPO IP Portal widgets WIPO [2021-12-06]
8 PATENTSCOPE contributes green technologies patent documents to fully rebuilt WIPO GREEN WIPO [2021-10-13]
9 New in PATENTSCOPE: weekly tips and tricks videos WIPO [2021-09-23]
10 Markush search now available in PATENTSCOPE WIPO [2021-09-14]
11 One-click Access to Patent Documents in their National Databases from PATENTSCOPEe WIPO [2021-07-06]
12 On-click access to patent documents in their national databases from PATENTSCOPE WIPO [2021-06-24]
13 New in PATENTSCOPE : Patent Families And More WIPO [2021-05-22]
14 WIPO Contributes Millions of Searchable Chemical Formulas to Database at U.S. National Institutes of Health WIPO [2021-05-22]
15 Dossier Content of the National Collections of Israel and the United Kingdom Now Available in PATENTSCOPE WIPO [2021-05-22]
16 Tell us what you think of PATENTSCOPE! WIPO [2021-05-22]
17 WIPO IP Portal: New MENU Features for PATENSCOPE Users WIPO [2021-05-22]
18 New National Collections and Global Dossier Information Now Available in Patentscope WIPO [2021-05-22]
19 Non-Patent Literature Now Available in PATENTSCOPE WIPO [2021-05-22]
20 Extended Patent Family Information Now Available in PATENTSCOPE WIPO [2021-05-22]
21 National Collections of Finland and New Zealand now Available in Patentscope WIPO [2021-05-22]
22 National Collection of Kazakhstan, Estonian Full-Text and New NPL Now Available in Patentscope WIPO [2021-05-22]
23 Baidu’s AI-related patented technologies: Doing battle with COVID-19 WIPO [2021-05-22]
24 Intellectual property, innovation, access and COVID-19 WIPO [2021-05-22]
25 Introducing WIPO PROOF: an interview with Francis Gurry WIPO [2021-05-22]
26 WIPO opens its first virtual exhibition on AI and IP WIPO [2021-05-22]
27 Saudi Arabia gears up on IP WIPO [2021-05-22]
28 The Skolkovo Foundation: fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation WIPO [2021-05-22]
29 Hachette and accessibility: Creating content that can be used by everyone WIPO [2021-05-22]
30 Enda: Kenya’s first home-grown running shoe WIPO [2021-05-22]

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